Miles Hurley

Standing for the people of Cambridge.

I don’t have the financial backing of any party or other organisation, and am standing as an independent candidate on a shoestring. Why am I standing? Because I believe that Cambridge should be represented by someone who works for you, and who’s not subject to party dogma.

I’ve lived in Cambridge for 24 years. I originally worked in the legal profession, but having been made redundant in 2003, started a new career as a university lecturer, and became active in UCU, the lecturers’ union. I currently work part-time for 2 educational establishments. I’m a widower, with 2 dogs, and outside of work, I enjoy cooking, swimming and watching rugby.

Why vote for me?

  • I’ve lived in Cambridge for 24 years and whilst I’ve witnessed the economic transformation of Cambridge, the much vaunted idea of “trickle down” economics hasn’t always worked for the people of Cambridge.
  • Cambridge should be a community, not just another example of out of town developments linked by a creaking infrastructure.
  • I’m not subject to party rules or dogma, so I can truly represent you, the people of Cambridge
  • I think the people of Cambridge deserve to be represented by someone who shares their concerns
  • I’m not receiving any financial backing; my campaign is all down to my own legwork
  • By voting for me you can be sure your voice is heard; unlike other candidates, I want to be a public servant, not a party servant
  • I think it’s time for a different approach to Cambridge’s problems – one driven by consultation with you the people of Cambridge, not national party policies into which your concerns are shoehorned



  • Like many in Cambridge, I voted remain and will fight to do so.
  • I’m also a pragmatist, and accept that you can’t just ignore the votes of 17.4 million people. So, whilst I will fight to stay, if we leave, we need to leave with a proper deal, not the idea currently on the table. At the very least we should remain in a customs union (as initially suggested by one Mr. N. Farage).
  • Should we leave, I will fight to ensure that Cambridge receives proper investment, as compensation for the loss of benefits from the UK being an EU member.


  • I will fight to cut VAT paid by 6 th form colleges
  • FE colleges and Universities should fall under control of the Department of Education, not the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
  • The commodification of education in the post 16 sector needs to stop
  • The role of Teaching Assistants needs greater financial recognition

Electoral reform

  • Proper proportional representation to do away with tactical voting and election pacts which deny voters choice.
  • A “none of the above” option on ballot papers, as a means for people to spoil their ballot, yet have it recorded.
  • Automatic by-election any time a sitting MP crosses the floor of the house/defects to another party.


  • The city council already uses some electric vehicles. This should be extended to include any vehicle which runs on prescribed routes, refuse vehicles, delivery vehicles, and postal vehicles, should ideally be electric or at least hybrid.
  • New homes should all be built with environmental considerations and should include solar panels and rain water collection systems.
  • We should explore opportunities for local micro generation of electricity.
  • Introduction of a ban on supermarkets throwing away food (similar to the situation in France).
  • I will seek to establish a tourism tax, the proceeds of which can help fund sustainable projects for the benefit of everyone in Cambridge


  • Preservation of our green spaces to encourage outdoor activities
  • Establishing more walk in clinics for minor injuries to take the pressure off A & E.


  • The city needs affordable housing and an increase in council housing. The existing Greater Cambridge Housing strategy has much to commend it. But there’s not enough “affordable” housing. Any new development should make provision for at least 50% affordable housing.
  • Affordable should also mean affordable. We should explore selling new houses to key workers (teachers, health professionals) and a maximum of 2-3 times the build price.
  • New builds should have sufficient garden space – the environmental and health benefits of gardens cannot be understated.

Law and order

  • I will seek greater funding to allow for the return of a greater visible police presence on our streets


  • Rather than adopt the current approaches (Cambridge Metro/tram) which will cost millions and take years to deliver let’s implement low cost solutions now. Let’s make bus lanes available for high occupancy vehicles/car shares – it’s not ideal, but it’s an idea worth trying.
  • Local bus services are appalling and desperately need improving. The SYSTRA report suggests that local authorities have the power to enter into an "enhanced partnership" with, or take over bus companies. Let’s go for the latter as bus companies have for too long put profit over customer service.
  • Let’s look at more sustainably powered buses; why not look at electrification/trolley buses on specific routes (e.g. park and ride)?
  • Cycling is important but a lot of current expensive schemes could be replaced by better education, signage and appropriate use of cameras in accident hotspots.



Please get in touch

You can contact me directly Miles Hurley via email
Any media enquiries or if you want to volunteer please contact Jonathan Howlett via email


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